The American “Wild” West

I finally get to publish this video the way I originally intended, as a long documentary of our fabulous trip around the “Four Corners”, the area where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico intersect, also epitomized by Hollywood  as the “Wild West”


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5 thoughts on “The American “Wild” West”

  1. Robert; I just spent the last 2 hrs enjoying your video, “American Wild West” Wow!
    As usual, you knocked it out of the park, just like the one about Mt Dora, (been there many times, but during Xmas (Nice touch).

    Is there any way possible to get a detailed map routing of you trip?

    I just retired, the wife and I are actively researching and visiting RV shows and dealers preparing for our purchase, we used to own a camper years ago and want to do a cross country trip like this one.

    Being fellow Miamians, perhaps we can get together for a cup of Cuban cafe at Versailles or La Carreta on 8th st.


    1. Hey Diego,
      A Cuban coffee would be great, always 🙂
      I am taking a break from traveling right now but I am already getting the itch to hitch once again. I dream of retirement to have the time to do a proper cross country trip, perhaps from Key West to Alaska. I don’t really have a made up map of the “Wild West” trip but I can make something. Most of the info is in the video. I used an app called Roadtrippers that helped me a lot because it points out attractions along the way. I hope you find the perfect RV for your needs. I know it is hard, there are so may choices.
      We got to meet for that cafecito.

      1. Sounds good, perhaps in a week or so, right now, we’re still enjoying the sights and sounds of Daytona Bike Week.


  2. Very,very interesting video, creating amazing images. Have looked already twice this video.Thanks,thanks and greetings from Berlin Germany ,Barbara F.

  3. Thanks for your awesome road video, very entertaining and informative. I just exploring my needs for my first visit to the States. Yesterday saw awesome Grand Canyon vids on youtube. Today i came across this vid and it defined my holiday in the States for the future. All this force of nature captures the general view of USA in my perspective and ofcourse there are so many places and wishis, but a road holiday with a RV gives me a better experience.
    Me too was wondering whether you had a map and the general site you visit in the video.

    thx for the video,


    Rose (from The Netherlands)

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