Good bye 2015, Hello 2016

As the year 2015 comes to and end, I reminisce on all the travels we did in the past year, our first full year as RV owners. We kicked off the year at the Tampa RV Supershow, made some RV repairs and enhancements, and got a drone to further improve my videos. We visited the Florida Keys several times and went to Epcot in Orlando twice, for the Flower and Garden and for the Food and Wine Festivals. I also got to see Lake Okeechobee for the first time. The main trip was not with the RV but overseas. We visited London and Paris, two of my favorite cities in the world. Finally, I also made some videos here in my backyard, in Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and the Zoo.

Next year we’ll travel some more, but I am going to take a break during the month of January. Meanwhile I have made a nifty playlist with all our 2015 trips. Enjoy and Happy New Year! Thank you for watching and see you on the road!

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Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

6 thoughts on “Good bye 2015, Hello 2016”

  1. I’ve watched quite a few of your excellent videos. Maybe I’ve missed it…but if you find time perhaps you could review your current cameras / recording devices and maybe even a video per your editing which is SUPERB. Maybe some information with respect to your musical background. Your theme seems identical to a local Subaru
    dealer in my area ? ? ? Your RV choice seems to be working perfectly for you….it seems to provide all that you need at this time. If I may ask…what is your day-to-day job….in one video you toured Miami …I think you said you were in the area where you worked. Again, if I may ask, how far do you commute to work ? You seem to have a flexible work schedule. My favorite videos are your trips to the Keys; my daughter who lives in Florida ( Boynton Beach) and I visited Key West for three days last year. I am looking forward to a longer visit with stops along the way at some of the other keys.
    Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen will definitely be a stop per your recommendation. I also need to try the mohita ( favorite drink…(sp) ? ) . We had the Cuban coffee at the stand where you also purchased it when we were in Key West. We took the Conch propane trolley tour…excellent…did Hemmingway’s, Mel Fischer museum, Duval St , Sloppy Joe’s and Hog’s Breath were both excellent….good food…fair prices ! Thanks again

      Hi. Thank you for your comment. Above you will find a link to my latest “The Gear I Use” video. Since then I have replaced the Sony camcorder with a new 4K model and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone with and LG V10. I am a musician, so all the music I make myself. Sometimes the theme can be derivative but always my own. I do have a dull office job in Downtown, about 30 minute commute by car… And it is not the most flexible schedule but I try to get out and travel as much as I can. The drink is called a Mojito, a concoction of rum, mint, lime and club soda… Very refreshing. Hey thank you again and enjoy your travels!

  2. Roberto, I watch your videos practically every day because I’m too old to travel any more, and I do so enjoy your dialogue and your music. I’ve emailed you before when I first found you on YouTube .. been a daily visitor ever since then. Keep traveling and doing your excellent comments on all that you see because that means so much to me, and to many others, I know. As I told you before, you’re the best. Also, I’ve found your older videos singing with your band. And I’m watching your singing at Munchie’s, too. Love your music. And enjoyed so much seeing Havana thru your eyes. What a great song you wrote about that …Thank you again.

    1. Hey, thanks Bobbie. I remember your previous emails. I’ve been staying put in Miami for a couple of months but I’m getting the itch to hitch already, so I’ll be traveling soon, and then I have a long road trip planned for the summer.

  3. Robert I just started watching your videos and to me there the best out there ,my wife said that you have come between us that all I see on TV is all your videos every day before I go to bed thanks Robert

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