Living The RV Dream Episode 0 – This is Only a Test

In this unofficial first episode I introduce myself and make sure everything works. Stay tuned next week for episode 1, in which I will talk about the Everglades National Park, and Big Cypress National Preserve. Click image for the YouTube video

Video gear I use
Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder
Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000 Wi-Fi GPS 4K HD Video Camera Camcorder with Flat Surface & Helmet Mounts + 64GB Card + Battery + Case + Flex Tripod + Kit

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2 thoughts on “Living The RV Dream Episode 0 – This is Only a Test”

  1. Hi Robert .
    Many thanks for your responce. Im an avid fan of your yours.
    I have watched all of your u tube broadcasts.
    I am a dual US / UK citizen, was born in Florida in 1962 , and lived for the first five years of my life on a house boat at Dinner Key Marina. We came to the UK in 1967, and have been in the UK since then.
    Work wise , I have worked for the Metropolitan Police , as a full time Officer.
    I am now in my mid 50s , and have decided to retire early and move back to Florida
    I have so decided to live the RV dream . I followed your u tube broadcasts on the Tampa region, and have found a great RV park called Happy Days RV park, and intend to make the journey in mid July to find out more about the place .
    It would be great to meet you sometime in the summer.
    Keep you informed with my progress.
    Keep living the dream Robert.
    Kindest Regards
    John H Hurlbut

  2. I wish to let you know that we appreciate you continuing with John and Kathy’s ‘Living The RV Dream’ podcasts. We look forward to many of your perspective views. We ourselves will be going full time at the end of this year once we receive our new Tiffin Phaeton motorhome we’re having built just prior to me retiring. Now to put all of those lessons and tips to the test.

    Jim & Nancy

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