LTRVD Episode 16 – A New Era and a Visit to Palm Beach

In this week’s installment, I reveal the news that I no longer have a “day job” and I talk about our recent RV trip to West Palm Beach.

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Self Employed

Well, as I hinted before, I no longer have my “day job”. I am going to dedicate 100% of my time to the podcast and my YouTube Channel. I will definitely be taking a pay cut, but I’ll be able to grow my media business at a much faster pace. As I leaned from John Huggins, the secret is multiple sources of revenue. I have the YouTube channel, which has been a hobby for almost a decade, and only about 3 years ago, it started showing promise. Then came the podcast, and I am eternally grateful to John Huggins for thinking of me when he decided to retire from it.

Then, I also have my music. As you probably know I compose the music for all my YouTube videos. Most of that music is for sale everywhere music is sold or streamed. While I’m not getting rich any time soon, it does make a little money. I also have physical CDs for sale, a double CD set with 30 tunes for $12.99. I also sell stickers for $5, and a CD/sticker combo for 15.99. is the place to get those. So the idea is to increase the number of videos per week, the length of the podcast, and maybe start offering more valuable content by having guests regularly. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Lion Country Safari

I am also going to talk about our recent trip to West Palm Beach. We stayed at the West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA. Very well maintained campground right next to the Lion Country Safari. Sometimes you could hear the Lions’ road from the campground. If you are not familiar Lion Country Safari is basically a zoo, but with the peculiarity that the animals roam free as you drive through the park. The do insist that you keep the car windows closed as some wildlife like the ostriches and the rhinoceros can be dangerous. The lions are behind a fence just in case. Very cool park, lots of animals to be seen especially if you arrive when they open at 9:30am, when it is not too hot yet.

Peanut Island

We also visited West Palm Beach. Many viewers and listeners had recommended we visit Peanut Island, just north of Palm Beach, at Riviera Beach. Besides the beach, the camping, snorkeling and many more things to do, the island was the site of a cold war era bunker for John F. Kennedy. It was built during the Cuban missile crisis during the course of two weeks, to take the president to safety during a nuclear attack. The even tried to build a tunnel from Kennedy’s estate to the island but it collapsed, so they had to settle for speedboat or helicopter. The place is totally cool as is the tour of the historic Coast Guard Station. Visit before November, because after that date the maritime museum will relinquish the site to Palm Beach county and nobody really knows what’s going to happen to the place.

John F. Kennedy Bunker, Peanut Island
West Palm Beach

We also visited downtown West Palm Beach and had lunch a very trendy place called Avocado Grill. They had very loud house music with a conga player and a trombone player playing over it. The food and the beer selection were very good.

Palm Beach

We also visited the historic and iconic The Breakers Hotel, which is practically a symbol of Palm Beach. The hotel was founded by Henry Flagler himself in 1896, although the original structure burned to the ground twice. The current palatial building dates back to 1926. We also drove around the exclusive oceanfront residential neighborhoods. As the day came to an end we drove by the famous Mar-a-Lago Club, where President Trump stays often. There were two demonstrations, one in favor, one against Trump. Check out the video of this trip this coming Sunday at

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