LTRVD Episode 13 – RV Road Trip to the Wild West Part 1

In this edition of Living the RV Dream with Traveling Robert we talk about RV upgrades and modifications, and one of my favorite road trips in the United States. This road trip involves the Four Corners region, more colloquially know as the Wild, Wild West.

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RV Upgrades and Modifications

Last weekend I spent my Sunday making some more upgrades and modifications to Minitini the Trailer. First of all we finally took care of an underused space above our refrigerator. We found a net that fit the opening of this space and now we have a bit more storage.

While I was doing this my wife noticed a large gap behind our television set. We hardly ever watch our TV so I said, what if we get rid of it and the enclosure behind it. While we are at it let’s get rid of the shelf below it, and voila. Now we have enough room for a coat closet. All we need now is a matching door, and a closet rod. Something tells me the closet rod will be a lot easier.

Four Corners Road Trip (The American Wild West)

The main topic of this episode is the first leg of our second road trip in an RV. By this time we were a lot more confident, as we had already read many books on RVing, including John Huggins’ So You Want To Be an RVer. We had also attended the Tampa show once and we were pretty sure we would get a small gas class A. How things change with time!

We flew from Miami to Denver, Colorado, and rented a 28-foot class C from El Monte. The first leg was a breathtakingly drive on I-70 crossing the Rockies. We spent the night at the Colorado River State Park, at the Island Acres campground, near Grand Junction, Colorado.

Arches National Park

In the morning we continued into Utah, and we took State Route 128, another beautiful drive. It goes through the Colorado River Gorge, and Castle Valley. In this area we began to see the type of landscape that Hollywood epitomized as the Wild West. We spent the better part of the day visiting Arches National Park. While in the park we did the Delicate Arch trail, which is in my opinion a must if you are in decent shape. It is a moderately strenuous hike.

After a quick visit to the neighboring town of Moab, we continued driving south towards Cortez, Colorado, which is the gateway to Mesa Verde National Park. See some pictures below and listen to the podcast for more details.

Crossing the Rockies
Crossing the Rockies, by Lake Dillon
Island Acres Campground
Island Acres Campground
Castle Valley
La Sal Mountains Overlook, Arches National Park
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

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