Miami Everglades RV Resort and the Monkey Jungle

It is neither in Miami proper, nor the Everglades National Park but it is called Miami Everglades RV Resort, probably because it is equidistant to both places. It is actually the closest resort type RV park to the City of Miami. We spend the weekend camping there. We also go to the nearby Monkey Jungle, and historic attraction, part of the Redlands Trail.


The Monkey Jungle is a historic theme park in south Florida dating back to the 1930s. The concept is that humans are caged while the monkeys run free, and that’s true to a certain extent. The visitor walks through these caged passageways, while the monkeys are all around you, running free, playing and occasionally fighting each other. There are several small metal trays hanging from the ceiling where you can put some “monkey food” and they pull on a chain to raise the tray and eat the food. Some species are behind bars and you can feed them through a pipe. The one exception is the gorilla, which is technically not a monkey. The gorilla is considered an ape because it lacks a tail. Formerly belonging to a circus, it seems to be the only trained animal in the whole park. They put on a show where they make him do certain acts for the enjoyment of the visitors. There’s also an “Amazonian Jungle Experience”, in which for an extra charge you get to interact directly with the spider monkeys. There is also a swimming monkey presentation. Even though the park’s glory days are far behind it, especially after it was partially destroyed during hurricane Andrew in 1992, it is still a pretty unique experience and I would recommend it.

Back at the RV resort, it has all the amenities of a good RV park. We visited in the low season so it was nearly deserted. We spend the rest of the time relaxing, swimming in the pool, grilling, and biking around the park’s trail.

As always, thank you for watching and see you on the road!

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