Mount Dora: Central Florida Charm

During the break between Christmas and New Year’s we visited Mount Dora. Founded in 1880 on the northern shore of Lake Dora, along the rolling hills of Central Florida, the 12,000-inhabitant enclave retains its small town charm. We spend one night admiring the intricate and over the top Christmas decorations. On the next day we take a package that includes a boat tour along Lake Dora and the Dora Canal, dubbed “the most beautiful mile of water in the world”. We also take a short yet exhilarating seaplane ride around the Lake County area, and return to Mount Dora aboard the Orange Blossom Cannonball, also known as the movie train. On the next day we move a few miles south to Kissimmee, catch a blockbuster movie and enjoy some of the Orlando nightlife.

Click on the image below for the video.


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5 thoughts on “Mount Dora: Central Florida Charm”

  1. Hey Robert, very good again. Thanks for educating us about Florida and its different areas, and for helping us in pre-making a recognition trip of a desired gateway in Florida, and without spending any money!!!

    Mount Dora looked beautiful, the fly was very nice and also the train ride although you called it boring anyway it can give us an understanding on how riders fell in past with those old trains, slow and noisy that were shaking all the way they went. The drone made a good job and it was funny when it landed so roughly. Haha!

    The last part showing Orlando, or some city in Orlando was so colorful and beautiful, it looked very neat and sharp, you said the place is packed of nice restaurants. We also could see your half orange with you at the restaurant in Mount Dora I think.

    Couples of suggestions, allow your companions to be seen more frequently, show the map on the video so we can locate the place you are on it, unveil how the budget was to do a trip like that, and if you are not rich, then place a ‘Donate’ PayPal Button so we can give you something in return for these informations that we know are expensive to collect. Also another Button where the audience can order a DVD of one of the trips, and where you can charge for your investment and also add some profit for you. I am sure some people will order the whole collection. You can dub Blue Ray Disc also, they will show better quality.

    Thanks again.

    Max Suarez. Long Island, NY.

    1. Hi Max,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed the video. It is always hard to ask for money when you do what you love for a change, but yes, any donation is always appreciated. Traveling can get expensive, and although I don’t do this full time yet, that is the goal. I do have a “support” button and card on my YouTube channel, and a Patreon account but I don’t push the hard enough, and yes, the Paypal link is a great idea. I’m going to do that soon. I have seen other YouTubers do it, and I have actually donated to some of them. The idea of showing maps is always in the back of my mind when I’m editing the videos but many times I forget to take the extra time and do the graphics, like the one I did in the “Road Trip To New York” video. I am going to make it a point and make trajectory maps in future videos. As for my “half orange”, well, she prefers to be off camera most of the time but sometimes I get her to approve a cameo appearance. Once again thank you for your comment and your kind words.

      1. Anytime, Rob! Thanks for answering. Let us know of your updates! Now I got to go, I got new video from you, I think! Greet your family for us! Bye! Max. NY.

      1. Great, at least there’s some way to cooperate, hope you can get tons Of followers who can support, financially, your ‘recognizing’ trips.

        You should use some Google adwords so people can find you. The way I found you was looking for someone had taped a trip Miami-New York, so in some way people who are creative will find you.

        I will get couple of stickers, also I will spread the word. Thanks for writing.

        Max. NY.

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