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Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

45 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Robert,

    Love your YouTube channel and also what you have done to make the Living the RV Dream podcast you own.

    I have a question regarding your YouTube videos. At the start you have a moving map that show the route you traveled including photos taken at various points along the way. I would like to do something similar with the footage I took of our journey up the East coast (Florida to Niagara) last year.

    Please share your secret as I haven’t had any luck finding a solution.

    It might be important to note that I have Mac equipment. iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone etc.

    Many thanks
    AL (Australia)

  2. I was the one i told you i started my channel because of you i was asking if we could collabrate if there is anything you would like to know feel free to ask in open to anything new….



  3. Hello Robert

    My girlfreind and i watch your YouTube channel and enjoy the information you put out for us travel trailer weekend worriers.

    Hurricane Irma put me over the edge last year as we ran north and found out quick that tents are not good for us older bunch.

    Plus i always enjoyed the RV world, so October 2017 i went to North Carolina and bought a 2018 23 foot keystone passport 175bh and love it we try to go out as much as we can and enjoy life to its fullest.

    Thanks for what you do, its awesome and hope to see u on the road someday

    Luis and Liz from homestead Fla.

  4. Hello Traveling Robert there is four historic sites Avondale, Riverside, Springfield Home of the Main Street Cruise and North Ortegra. This is Kile Bogart from Jacksonville, Florida.

  5. Interesting cross-country trip. I have record of trip made in 1921 from northern Maine to Hollywood, CA, in a1917 Jackson automobile by 4 adults and a minor child/lots of camping along the way/many miles over areas with no roads. If you would like a copy, email me at:
    You might find it interesting.

  6. Hi there,

    My name is Tarina Hawkins, I work for a few brands who occasionally like to advertise on podcasts like yours. I’d love to include you on my list of options – do you work with brands/sponsors at all?

    Best regards,
    Tarina H.

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  8. Hi from Apache Junction Arizona. My wife and I have been watching your traveling videos and now started to watch your Minitini Lounge. Since you have been entertaining us with both the travel videos and music we would like to offer the use of our RV hook up if you are ever in Apache Junction. We have sewer, electric, and soft water hook up. Nothing fancy, but it would save you a little on your travel expenses and since we do not have an RV it is not being used.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thank you so much. Finding something in that area in winter can be hard so I’ll let you know when we head that way.
      Happy trails!

  9. Robert,

    Have you looked in Levy County, Florida for a homestead? West of Ocala, a little south of Gainesville. Great country living. Very laid back, but close to a couple of bigger cities.

    I enjoy you videos and podcasts. Great content, thanks for what you do.

  10. hi robert is Dylan here from Pickering Ontario I have two questions today my first question is when you go to alaska are you going cross into canada from Detroit Michigan my second question for the mintini lounge would like to sing easy like sunday morning the first song when you open the show

  11. My husband and I started talking watching your videos a few months ago and absolutely love them. We are looking for an rv as well. We live in California. We have 4+ acres with plenty of room to park an rv. We are close to the Sequoia National Park and only 2-1/2 hours from the coast. Sage travels to you.

  12. Wondering what type of drone you are using? Great clarity and good distance.
    We enjoy watching your episodes on Prime!

  13. 17 commercials in the first hour?

    Is it just my Youtube doing this?

    A video ad every five minutes is a bit much!

    Good content, but hard to relax and watch the show with so many ads. Maybe the land you are buying is expensive.

    1. Yes, and the longer the video the more ads the insert. I have YouTube premium so I never see ads… and the land is dirt cheap

  14. Question for Robert. Will soon be a first time RV buyer. I like the Winnebago RV you have. I can see that you have a Colorado truck. Is it a diesel? Is it sufficient to go up mountains?

    1. Hi Dave. It is gas. It can tow 7000lbs, and it has been sufficient. Gone all the way up to Whitney Portal in summer, and crossed the Rockies twice.

  15. Hi Robert, Love your videos! Thanks for making them. I just got a new to me 2018 Micro Minnie Winnie 1706. I’m on my first boondockong adventure and I can see that a battery upgrade might be in order. I’m thinking of a lithium battery and putting it in my basement, like you have on your new Minnie. I understand I will a new charger. Any advice, on what I should look for in a charger, or other components needed? I’m not an electrician, so I’m not sure where to start or even what questions to ask. Thanks again, Lisa

  16. Have you ever considered doing a live concert during your travels? Maybe taking enough equipment to do a Karaoke style concert. I’m thinking during your stay at Quartzite AZ. “One of these days.”

  17. Hi Robert,

    We really enjoyed your videos on North Dakota!
    You made a virtual tour through “the least visited US state”, interesting and fun, nice work!

    Thank you,
    John and Denise

  18. Robert – I love your videos, keep up the great work. Can you tell me what software you use to create your maps with the moving arrow to trace your route? I’m thinking of starting a diary of our travels (for family and friends to track our travels) and I would love to use that!

    Thanks in advance!

  19. Robert
    You inspired us to remove our dinette and install a IKEA folding down table and chairs. I can’t see how to send a pic but it turned out great.
    Thanks and happy travels
    Erik and Teri

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  21. Hi Robert happy New Year to you to. My wife was wondering if you have ever done a trip to the black hills of SD. And if you have a video of it. We are planning a trip to buffalo way in August to check out the big horns should be a good time. Love your videos

  22. Hi Robert. I have watched many of your traveling series and really enjoy your YouTube channel, and thank you for your content. My best friend growing up has the same last name as you, but sure you are not related as he grew up in Southern California and is of Mexican decent. I know you try to visit many of the RV’s during the Tampa Super Show for your viewers based on last years YouTube video. If you are attending this year I would be really happy you could take a look at the Forest River Transit models. We are particularly interested in the TS2371 model. We can’t be at the show, but I will be watching your YouTube channel to keep up with your adventures. Keep up the great job you do for us!

  23. I noticed you cant open your tailgate fully…. There is a U tube oon how to turn your jack sideways to give U more room…. It works

  24. When u r at Bakersfield ca. If u go up the kernville canyon please go all the way to Kernville an stop at Cheryls diner my boy took me there when we passed through it’s a nice small place then go north of kernville to the Sherman pass take it east to 395 an to Death Valley I enjoy your shows I can’t get that song out of my head Thanks

  25. Hello Robert,

    Great videos! You content and contribution to people who want to travel by RV is great. Is there a link to shop for Micro Minnies or a discount code? I like the one you used in 2020, might buy that one.
    Thank you, Doug

  26. Hi Robert

    Richard here from London, England.
    Just discovered your 2019 USA road trip on Amazon and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed it.
    Due to the current world situation I was just searching for something to cheer me up and inspire me for my next US trip, and your series has very much done the job.

    I hope to be doing the Oregon Coast in September, and maybe one of the epic Amtrak journeys.

    As a thank you, if you are back in London/England soon, I will offer you a complimentary tour from my company

    Warmest regards


  27. What air compressor do you have? We’ve seen it in a couple of your videos and love how small and compact it is.

  28. Hi Robert,
    Next time you are in Nevada you should check out Cathedral Gorge State Park. The area is breathtaking and the campground is very peaceful.

    Love your traveling videos.


  29. Hello Robert!
    We enjoy your videos very much, thank you!
    Just watched Death Valley- An amazing place, awesome video coverage.
    Warm Regards,
    Jeff & Emma
    Miami, Florida

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