Robert Morales is a video creator, producing inspiring, informative, and entertaining travel videos. His videos are mainly published on YouTube, but some of them are also available in Amazon Prime Video and Facebook

In 2014 we acquired a small travel trailer, a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB to explore the United States of America and beyond. In 2020 Winnebago loaned me a brand new 1708FB so I could travel as a brand ambassador.


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Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

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      1. Have you ever traveled to Long Island? The wineries on the North Fork are wonderful and Sag Harbor on the South Fork is a nice town.

      1. My husband and I really enjoy ur traveling videos. We live in MD abt an hr from Gettysburg and our daughter and her family live in Winchester, VA in the Shenandoah Valley so we particularly enjoyed ur travels to PA, MD, VA. that we watched tonite, but we have also watched several others and love ur narration and humor. Loved seeing how much u appreciated the rich history of this area! We are curious as to your country of origin. Enjoy ur accento! We have a daughter and family in Tampa, which I think is where u live. She and her husband are both pastors. My grandson Jonathan Thomas is a professional percussionist in Tampa (you may have run across him in music/recording circles) and his wife, Shaila Velasquez, is an actress who just had a movie released, currently streaming on a few platforms including Roku, called Home of the Brave. Hope u’ll check it out! Our 3rd daughter is currently living in San Diego and is a missionary. Just wanting to get acquainted and tell u that we thoroughly enjoy ur travels! Wondering if u r on FB? Stay safe and keep the You Tube adventures coming! God bless!

  1. You are so funny! Thank you for such an entertaining walk through the Micro Minnie. I just looked at one today — RV show in Ft. Myers — and really like it although your videos are making me take a harder look. I want a small unit and this is about the nicest I think. Decisions! Anyway, happy travels and please do keep us smiling!

    1. Thank you. The Micro Minnie is nice once tame all its quirks. I have been taking a break from the blog… but I’m back. Happy trails and hope to see you on the road.

  2. What is your opinion of using the Sorrento to pull this trailer? I am thinking about buying this trailer and pulling it with a Hyundai Santa Fe. I was thinking I’d have to buy a pickup.

    1. Hey Jonathan. If you ask most people they will probably tell you to get a pickup truck. I haven’t personally had any trouble towing except for one hot summer day where the Kia Started to overheat. I haven’t had any trouble braking which seems to be more of an issue according to the experts. That being said I usually drive under 65 on relatively flat terrain, and I have an older rear wheel drive Sorrento which is a little more truck like than the newer models. If the Santa Fe can tow 3500lbs maybe you are ok. Also check the tongue weight rating.
      Hey, good luck!

      1. Thanks Robert! I believe that the now Santa Fe/Sorento tow 5000 pounds so that sounds good. I’d like to crosss the Rockies and do the Route from Travels with Charley. The dealer also sells Honda so I’ll look at their new pickup truck.

        I watched your video on hooking up the trailer. That is a neat set up. Did the trailer come with all of that or is it a dealer add on. Seems like a good idea as does the moterized thing to raise the hitch.

        Thanks again,

        1. The hitch with the weight distribution and sway control were a dealer add on, as well as the power tongue jack and a break controller for old Kia. Sounds like an epic road trip you are planning. I’m still chained to a desk here but my day will come. Thanks and enjoy!

          1. I was briefly in Milwaukee back in September. Haven’t gotten around to finishing those videos yet. I hope to be back this year, same time frame. Thank you!

  3. Robert,

    I saw your video on the rear tire being worn. Looking at the picture above, does your trailer tow slightly nose up? If so, that can also lead to faster rear tire wear on a tandem axle trailer. The load is being placed more on the rear axle causing it to wear faster.

    Not saying you do not know any of this but just trying to help out.

    Lastly, I have been looking at these trailers for a while now. Looks like we may be on the verge of buying one. If you see a bright yellow one being pulled by a red truck or green Jeep Grand Cherokee gives us a wave.

    Happy travels

    p.s. Love your videos since I was raised in SW Fla, and lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 13 years before moving to NC. I know all of those places!

    1. Hey thanks so much. It does tow slightly nose up but it is so minor that I didn’t think of it. I mentioned to the folks at the dealer and they checked the axle and it looks fine according to them. They recommended I go to a tire shop. So we’ll see. I’ll post an update.

  4. Aloha Robert, My name Jess From the Big Island of Hawaii. My wife and I are soo soo amazed with your road trips and commentary! We are really digging UR accent n trying g to figure your nationality out lol. We are of mixed race but we both have Puerto Rican in us😀😀. We traveled California a lot in the past and always always stay a few days in Yosemite National have you been there let us know…

    Thanks for your oh soooo very awesome videos.
    Mr.Jess O

  5. I love your videos Robert, my partner and I are choosing a new road trip destination and your videos are so informative. You inspired us to travel Florida and we are thinking of California this year summer, just from watching your videos of your time there. If you have time please reply with your favourite hotels or eateries so we can try them out too!!

    1. Thank you. In California, there are so many good places. House of Nanking in San Francisco Chinatown stands out. That California trip was a few years ago so things may have changed.

    2. Your videos r awesome!! I live in Puerto Rico 6 months out of the yr in Bahia beach resort in Rio grande!! I’m here now watching your videos!! Planning trip in R.B. rental this summer out west beginning in grand Tetons and than glacier national park, my ranier and than Oregon coast!! Hopefully virus will be better controlled by than for safe travels!! Never rented and Rv before thinking of 24 ft sprinter fully self contained!! Any advice on best month to leave to avoid crowds or fo u think less people on road due to virus!! Once again I’m watching your videos now!! Awesome

  6. Hi Robert!

    We just discovered your videos and love them! We enjoy your humor and down-to-earth personality. We live in Orlando and are wanting to visit the Keys soon so we watched all of those videos, as well as others (i.e. Denver, Matlacha).

    Do you have any plans (or did you already visit) Punta Gorda or Cedar Key on the Fla West Coat? Or anything in Volusia or Brevard Counties?

    We would love to see your take on those spots!

    Also, do you visit any other botanical gardens or zoos? We loved your Zoo Miami video.

    Thanks again for the great videos. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Coincidentally we passed by Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte very recently while visiting a fellow traveler in the area. We didn’t do much, but just checked out the area for a future trip. Cedar Key is definitely on the short list when we head north again. We have visited the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, and the Monkey Jungle in Homestead. Happy travels!

  7. Robert, we have a question about the gear you use. You were quite enthousiastic about that new Sony 4K camera. We are still orientating on this equipment, but can you explain me how you store your recordings during your trips? Taking a shot for hours cost you a lot of space on your card or…what trick do you have? What do you use to store your recordings?
    We love your postings. Keep on going.
    Gr. from the Netherlands

    1. Hello,
      I have several cards, and as they get full I import them into the computer, into Final Cut. I have many terabytes of hard drives at home with all those older recordings.

  8. Mr. Traveling Robert… I would just like to say how much I enjoy your informative adventures that you are so blessed to do and to share with us. My wife and I travel quite often from Chicago to Florida where if God’s willing now being retired hope to live the rest of our years. I will be traveling once again to the Florida Keys in June. I’ve watched all your Florida travels and then some finding all of them very well done. You my friend are a very talented individual in film production, editing, sound, and music. I can honestly say that being a musician myself who knows the work behind it all. Anyway Good Luck and keep up the great work and Thank you for what you do.

  9. Hi Robert, love watching your videos and enjoy your relaxed style! I am thinking about bringing our travel trailer to the Keys this June, and I know that you’ve stayed at a number of campgrounds there. What would you recommend? We are a family of 5 and prefer to avoid the party scene and enjoy a quieter location. Thanks!

    1. Hi Brian,
      I’m afraid that in the summer it is hard to avoid the party scene. I would recommend Boyds Campground, near Key West. It was pretty quiet when we were there in August. Also the state parks might be a good choice. Avoid Fiesta Key. Enjoy your trip!

  10. Robert , I love your videos and fun lifestyle. You need to explore crystal river and rainbow river and wildwood Koa and the villages which have free entertainment for all ages every night at Sumter landing and nice restaurants on the lake. Patty

    1. Yes, definitely plan to go to Crystal River probably early winter. We’ll see. I’m also thinking Wildwood or Ocala in the summer, but I don’t know how bad the mosquitoes are going to be. Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely check out Lake Sumter Landing

  11. Robert, We are visiting the Jensen Beach area and used your videos to gain information leading up to our travels. We enjoy watching your videos of Florida and other locales. We are from the Tidewater area of Virginia. I think you would enjoy traveling and camping in our area on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay and on Virginia’s Eastern Shore….maybe Chincoteague and the Annual Pony Swim. Keep up your great work….we’ll be watching.

    1. Can’t wait to visit Virginia. I’ve always just driven through on the way somewhere else. Such a great big country, so little time. I’ll make it there some time, soon I hope.

  12. We just discovered your YT channel and love it! We enjoy watching your entertaining and educational videos. You put a lot into your travels. Thanks and keep up the great work. We subbed! 🙂

  13. Thanks for posting your videos, they are informative and high quality but also pleasant to watch. I have a Kia Sorrento V6AWD that has a tow rating of 5000 and I’m purchasing the Micro Minnie 1700bh (dry weight 3000). I’m planning a East coast to West coast trip. You are the only one I have seen towing with an SUV, any suggestions for driving up/down the higher elevations?

    1. Hi Kristina. Thank you! My old Sorento has a tow capacity of only 3500, and it tows OK for the most part. I did overheat a little climbing the Cumberland plateau between Chattanooga and Nashville, so I would be careful driving up, and downshift driving down.

      1. Thanks so much! I watched your roadtrip video and saw when you pulled over to cool off, now I know to plan for this possibility. I’m going to subscribe so I don’t miss anything!

  14. Hi Robert,
    love watching your videos. You are very down to earth, honest and funny in your videos. Thanks for sharing what you love, it shows!

  15. Just started watching your videos, I was hooked. Now I am binge watching for the last 3 hours. We live to travel, and really appreciate what you do.

  16. Hola Robert – happy travels!

    My wife and I enjoy watching your “Youtube” traveling videos. We also have enjoyed your recent podcast episodes. We will be traveling to Las Vegas and take a “Four Corners” excursion soon, and it will be our first adventure in the city. On your recent “Happy Hour” video, you expressed a dislike for Circus Circus Hotel, and this was a hotel we were considering. Can you suggest some hotels on the strip that are affordable, but nice? We trust your insight. We enjoyed your “Four Corners” and Las Vegas excursions so we would like your input. We will have your song in our heads during our travels.

    Thanks so much for your videos and advice.

    Charles and Trina

  17. Hello Mr. Robert,

    I discovered you channel on YT just by accident, and watched your road trip from Miami to Chicago with great fascination.

    Great scenery driving through the lovely countryside. REALLY ENJOYED every moment of it

    By the way, are in any way related to the Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas ? Because your voice and manner of speaking are extremely similar

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked my video, and no no relation at all… except that we both grew up speaking Spanish.

  18. Hi Robert,

    At the moment I am recovering from a burnout. During a rainy winter day (we have them a lot here) I found your channel on YT. I started looking your videos and must say that you have invented a better medicine than the doctors did.

    I am enjoying not only the scenery, but also your information about the different places you visit.

    We do camp ourselves as well with a Holtkamper tent trailer where we like to visit the Alps, or take the family and spend a weekend in a tent. A bit more primitive, but enjoyable!

    As I have just discovered your YT channel there is still a lot of catching up to do for me and enjoy your adventures.

    Thanks for sharing and keep on travelling!

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  19. Robert, I so enjoy your videos. Lately, I’ve been considering retirement and I’m devouring tiny living on YouTube — your videos are the best. However, I thoroughly enjoy your perspective of the different cities and states you visit. I’m cheering at the television when I come across a scene from a place I too have visited (especially Key West!). Keep gifting the world with your movie and photography skills. You have blessed my life so much.

  20. Robert, Thank you so much for informative videos. We just visited Rock City, Chattanooga Cho Cho and Walnut Street Bridge and “ let’s Continue” a famous Robert’s-ism through the Natahala National Forest – all the way to Smokey Mountains. Great information, especially your tourist trap comments in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg . The folks were great! Displaying awesome costumer service. Thank you so much, a former Floridian from Pembroke Pines, Florida and Hialeah High graduate. Please come say hi in Newnan, Ga and lastly “Go Canes”! Alex and Diana

  21. Love your videos and your music. I was excited to find your music on amazon. I downloaded it and made ” riding in my rv” my ringtone LOL. Thank you for educating us on the many wonderful campgrounds in our home State of Florida. Looking forward to future videos.
    Also, I made a bet with my husband that it is your voice on the new radio commercial for Florida tourism, is it you? Love your accent!
    Happy and safe traveling.

  22. Really enjoyed your driving west video on Prime keep up the great work! Inspired to try RV living. What drone / drone camera do you use to film? Your perspectives from the RV rooftop and drone vantage are unique I haven’t seen yet.

    1. Hi, thank you so much. Glad you liked it. The drone is a DJI Mavic Pro. The other camera on top of the trailer is a GoPro Hero 3 attached with a helmet mount.

  23. Dear Robert,
    For a Travel Beginners, What are your suggestions about travel expenses, I mean how to begin when it come to money thing and all the expenses on the way? After watching your travelling videos, I just can’t stop my self to move and explore the world but the problem is expenses which i don’t have anyone to guide me about and i really hope you will. 🙂

    I Just watched ‘Finland And Norway Travelling’. Its really inspiring and motivating what you do. Your way of giving the information and intro. is also best one. Its been a month i joined your channel and i must say ‘Its the most wonderful channel i ever found on YouTube’.

    Have A Safe Travels And Happy Life <3

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked that series Finland and Norway. About travel expenses, it is expensive and hard to keep track especially when you are abroad with different currencies. The best way would be to try and find a job that you can do on the road. In my case YouTube and all that is related to it is providing some income, almost sufficient to pursue this lifestyle, but my wife still holds a regular job. To be honest I am not keeping a detailed budget, I just take it one day at a time and try not to spend on things that are not necessary. Happy travels to you!

  24. Hello Robert..
    We enjoy all the video’s of travelling and soon will be on the road as well. I would like to make my own personal video’s but looking for some good hints and tips on music. Love your background music. Keep well.

  25. Dear Robert, your work is an American Treasure! Having traveled from Toronto to San Francisco by car, train, bus and plane during the fifties and sixties and early seventies, I discovered my home in Key West. Blue skies and beautiful and always a breeze in the Keys. From my open bedroom window on Solaris Hill overlooking the Florida Straits I face Mantanza and dream of a ferry ride to Cuba and travels with Robert……Life is Great, EH!….Ho Ho……Your fan, always.

  26. I started watching your videos during Labor Day weekend this year and have not stopped! I cannot wait to get your CD, should arrive Monday. I am totally burnt out at work, so this is the closest thing to paradise I can get for now…. We have been to alot of the places you have visited, but not in an RV.

    Anyway, I am interested to know more about your work as a musician – I think I saw a brief video, can you re-post? What do you play, time in a band, etc. Fun stuff!

  27. Hello Robert
    We have been watching your videos for a few years now. We love how you really explain everything so we feel like we’ve been there too. I have seen your “the gear I use” videos, but was wondering, what video editing software do you use. My Husband got a GO PRO for Christmas and now wants some Video editing software, birthday is soon I want to get him something.
    Thank you

  28. Robert.

    My Mom and Dad and I are so fascinated by your Amazon and YouTube video journals.
    You have an amazing talent for balancing factual information with wit, insight and even personal knowledge. My father said it is almost as if we are watching your home movies. The adventures in Mini could have their own Netflix binge show. You dont just present yet another Amazon travelogue– your videos are fresh and dynamic. We see not just a fantasy travel show where everything goes well..you also share with us those moments in life we can all identify with, where the best laid travel plans go sour.
    Thanks so much.

  29. Robert-
    My wife and I recently hit Nashville and Gatlinburg. Ate at Cherokee Grill Gatlinburg ( saw on your vid -which you seemed to enjoy).
    Nice call….you can double as a food critic!
    Keep em coming and thanks..

  30. Hello, Robert! I discovered your videos while researching our too quick trip dipping down to the Florida Keys in 2017 . We visit Cocoa Beach every odd year and try to see a new part of Florida each time. After falling in love with the Keys, we are heading back this July! I remembered your videos and now the whole family has been binge-watching your past excursions! It has been a great way to get our minds out of the numbing cold we’ve been experiencing in Illinois! It is now our evening habit to watch another trip every evening. Your music is definitely catchy, and we find ourselves belting it out every so often! The kids are hoping to spy you along the highway this summer! Keep sharing your journey and Happy travels!

  31. Hello from Calgary Alberta, Canada
    I have one question and one suggestion.
    The question:
    (If this is too personal then I apologize. Just say “Oops, someone is at the door” in your answer and I’ll know.) Was your wife unable to make it for the “Driving to the West” and “Driving to the East” videos? I couldn’t imagine driving that distance alone. Having said that, they are the two most watched videos of your’s in our house. We can’t get the song “Driving to the West” out of our heads now 🙂
    The suggestion:
    If you ever do a trip up the West Coast, when you get to Washington State, you’ll have to stop into Roslyn WA. It was the town that they filmed the TV show “Northern Exposure” in. The show took place in a fictional town of Cicely Alaska but was actually filmed in Washington State.
    Roslyn is a few miles east of Seattle and 2 miles off of the I-90.

    Thanks again for the great videos. I look forward to new ones as I try and catch up with the ones on your channel:)


  32. Hi Robert! Next time you are in the Northeast and want a less expensive and less stressful experience traveling south (especially pulling a trailer) then I suggest you don’t drive I-95! For instance, from Boston take I-90 West to I-84 West to I-81 South to I-70 East (towards Frederick, MD) to I-270 East (towards Washington, D.C.) then I-495 South to I-95 South. It may or may not take you a little longer depending upon what the traffic would have been going through NYC, Baltimore, etc. but it is definitely way less tolls and traffic. Just a suggestion to make your life a little easier! We have done both I-95 and the way I suggested above back and forth from NH to FL many times and with 4 axles it costs a fortune to go I-95 and the traffic is not pleasant. When my hubby and I go full-time this Fall we plan on avoiding the I-95 corridor in the North. Hope you make it back up here and have more time for Acadia and other places in Maine! It is a great state to visit! Also, NH has Mount Washington (can hike it, drive it or ride the unique cog railway), the Kancamagus Highway has lots of scenic vistas during the drive and runs from Lincoln, NH to Conway, NH and my favorite town to recommend to visit is Portsmouth, NH (I live just over an hour away from there).

  33. Robert….your videos are great. More interesting than most everything on TV these days. We have spent about 10 with you and your travels so far, binge watching this last weekend. Great stuff! But what happened to your KIA?? We had to leave and did not get back to the part where your KIA issue was discussed and resolved.
    Keep up the great work. Your editing and production skills are great.
    Rocky y Judy, Reno NV

    1. One of these days I’m going have to tell the whole story of Old Kia. I took it for a tune up and they damaged the engine, they replaced the engine but the replacement never worked correctly. Eventually they gave up trying to fix it, gave me a small settlement to cover the original tune up cost and vehicle value.

      1. Hi Robert,
        Paul here from Country Walk area , Miami. I too wondered what happened to your Kia…Now I know! Your new Colorado
        should give you years of service and I am pretty sure it pulls your Minnie quite easily. Love your videos and keep em coming!

  34. Thanks for the quick response. My wife and I are hitting the road in about 3 months to go full time in our 5th wheel. We are going to “Lewis and Clark” all of North America. We hope to see you on the road or maybe meet up at some RVers secret hide-away.
    We love your Cuban accent & attituce and that fact that you incorporate your culinary traditions in your episodes. Very well done, sir.
    Rocky y Judy Reno NV
    Hope to see you “out there”

    1. Robert…My wife wants to buy a drone to document our travels. Yours seems perfect. What is the make and model, please??
      Rocky n Judy Reno NV

  35. Hi Robert

    I’m following you on YouTube for a while and I have to say that the way you narrate your trips makes them very attractive and entertaining.
    I am and I live in Madrid (Spain) and I love the United States to which I have traveled more than 20 times.

    I have to make a comment about your stay in New Orleans and I would like you to have made a historical review when you were in the Plaza de Armas and in the building next to the cathedral which is the Cabildo. Last year was the commemoration of the 300 years of the foundation of the city by the Spaniard Bernardo de Galvez, and the Cabildo was the place of government and the Plaza de Armas where citizens met for the market and social life.

    Congratulations for your channel and continue on that line!
    Un saludo!

  36. Hello from Miami, my husband and I recently found your videos on YouTube and enjoy watching them. So far we’ve only ventured to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and we’re looking forward to watching the vlog of your upcoming trip there. Would really like to hear more from Ileana, a female’s view on RV’ing and some do’s and dont’s.

  37. Just bought your double cd and can’t wait to get it. Many years ago I lived in Orlando. I live in Marietta, GA now. Thinking about moving back to some part of FL, on a beach. I am driving to visit the FL Keys for the first time next week. Found your videos searching Youtube. Very entertaining and informative. You have a great singing voice! It is a diversion from when I’m working and lowers my stress!

  38. Hello from Montana!
    I’ve been watching your videos since we bought a Smart TV and found you on YouTube. It’s been great having a forward view as you motor through the states. I see you have the Northwest yet to travel. When it’s time for Montana, I have suggestions for best times to avoid tourist traffic as well as places to get the real Montana experience. It’s a long drive across the state but there are loads of camping opportunities along the way. Thanks for your channel!

  39. We enjoy your videos on YouTube as soon as they appear. Its fun to see a lot of the places we have been again and disappointing to see places we were and mussed!

    My question to you is what type of video equipment are you using and your drone model. Your video camera seems to have very good telescoping feature!

  40. I hate to complain as I get such enjoyment watching your programs, but I need to ask you about my recent order. Ordered your double cd about 3 weeks ago. I just got back from traveling and opened it to listen, to find it is scratched. The scratches are small but unfortunately they cause several of your songs to skip badly so some songs can’t be listened to. This was a cd I bought that your site mentioned was damaged on the case. However, the case is fine, only the discs are scratched. Would it be possible to exchange them for an unscratched copy? I don’t need a new case. Thanks for your help. No need to publish this, online – I just could not find a link to send email direct. Catherine Siler in Marietta, Ga

  41. What’s your top 5 places that you traveled to? If you could live somewhere else where would you choose?

    Keep up the videos!

  42. Robert, my husband and I really enjoyed your documentary. Just wondering what is the length in ft of your cute micro Minnie Winnie?

  43. Hello Robert
    I just came across your you tube videos and watched your trip to California on Prime. Really enjoyed it!!!

    Just retired and looking forward to hitting road in the near future.

    Thanks again for the great video adventure.

    Warmest regards,
    Jim Wallace

  44. Hi Robert,
    Love your videos! Question: How do you create the moving red line on a map to indicate your route? Software?

  45. Robert,

    Hello from Lake Okeechobee, Clewiston, Florida.
    What cameras do you recommend for a rookie?


  46. Hi Robert,
    we love your videos and music, we love holidaying in the USA and have been to lots of the same places as you Zion Canyon being one of my favourites, we visit Florida a lot and have nearly travelled the state top too bottom we have done the panhandle and key west (revisiting key west this year) just need to visit north east part we are doing a bit this year, we never hear a lot about Jacksonville so gather its not to good?
    we live in Southwest France so when are you traveling here

  47. Hello Robert,
    I just found your videos and am hooked! Just wanted to say my family enjoys watching you. The kids love hearing your voice and think you should be doing voice overs for movies! Keep up the great videos. It makes us want to RV around the country. Maybe someday-we can only dream for now…

  48. Thanks for the price info you share in your videos, i.e. campsites and attractions. It gives us an idea what to expect. What’s your source to finding the free areas to camp?

  49. hello Roberts, we are from Mumbai, India and a few months ago we accidentally came across your Youtube videos. And were hooked. Your theme song and all your background score is very ‘catchy’ and immensely enjoyable which in turn makes for an very immersive viewing. We have watched many travel videos of the US but yours is very nice. We wish and your family many ,many years of happy travelling.
    Thanks a lot for your lovely videos.

  50. Hi Robert
    What Kia you used to tow your minitini with?
    I am thinking of getting one Sorento lx+v6

    What’s your thoughts

  51. Hi Robert,

    I am enjoying your videos. Your narration and wit makes them a good watch! I like the Go-Pro on the roof. Its like we are all driving along with you enjoying the sights along the roadways! I thoroughly enjoyed the Hershey walk-throughs. It is very helpful to those folks like me who can’t get to an RV show. Safe travels!

  52. My wife and I discovered your travelogues on Amazon Prime recently and have really enjoyed them. You are a talented wordsmith, videographer, and editor. I have to confess that you sometimes make me laugh out loud when you are so brutally honest… it’s delightful! Your theme music is now an ear worm to me and it causes me to think about you at crazy times. We are full time RV’ers and hope to build a business based on filling the needs of fulltimers. Thank you so much for the interesting narratives and gorgeous photography!

  53. Hi Robert,
    I’m a bass player/studio recording engineer who had to retire 12 years ago due to severe tinnitus after 25 years on stage and in the studio. I’ve watched so many of your videos I can’t get your theme out of my head! What can you tell me about your music? Who writes, plays the tracks, and where do you record? Just curious–thanks for any info. By the way I live in the Northern Sierras, east of Chico, CA and this section of the Sierras/Cascades, other than Lassen Park, is often overlooked by travel video producers. Good Luck on the road!

  54. Hi Robert! My husband and I love watching your videos. We were wondering if your wife travels with you? We never see her in your videos.

  55. My wife and me enjoy all your videos and Loved the latest summer 2019 Episode 26
    When you do your videos you show it how it is, and how the rest of us following in your footsteps will see it when we visit, we visit Florida and the west coast every year and love it, we visit Brice canyon & Zion in November which we would highly recommend to everyone, and last year (November) Miami / Orlando/ St. Augustine and down to key west, great trip. Please keep up the good work and I live in France will you post sticker to here ?

  56. I’m new to your AWESOME YouTube channel. What drone are you using? I would like to get a drone for videos. Any suggestions for a beginner?

  57. Hello Robert! Your fun, friendly travel videos are helping us to survive this never-ending pandemic shutdown – thank you very much!!! Staying home is most definitely the right thing for all of us to do right now – watching your travels is making it way more bearable. We especially love seeing the natural scenery, and hearing your brief travel tips along the way. Thanks to you, we’re thinking that our next trip might be in a Class B Van RV. Any thought on that option?
    Thanks again!
    P.S. Have you tried out a scooter yet? It might be handy to keep one in your truck…

  58. Robert, I have been enjoying your videos on YouTube. I appreciate the information you provide. I know you have been through Wyoming, but I hope you return soon. I know you enjoy boondocking, Wyoming is the best state for that.

    Also, I enjoy it when you share some of your recipes.

    Thanks again

  59. Hey Robert. Love your videos and your narration style. My wife and I loved the one on Chattanooga, TN – an area we’re considering relocating to. A question: do you and your wife do this full time or do you have a home base, a regular job, etc.? It seems like a great lifestyle.

    Thanks for the great entertainment and inspiration.

    1. We have a home base, and don’t plan to be completely full time, but long term travel is in our future. She still has a regular job.

  60. Hi Robert,
    My wife and I enjoy your videos very much. They’re helping us enjoy travel while staying home. Your relaxed style makes rv travel look easy and fun.
    Do you do professional voice over work? You’d be great at commercials or audio books.

  61. Hello Robert, both my wife Susan and I enjoy your video productions! I’m retired and Susan plans too in a few years. We have just ordered a Nucamp 320s trailer and plan to travel and camp a number of times during the year. We will be brand new at trailering so if you have any advice we’d really appreciate your help. We credit you in inspiring us to get a trailer! Also, our dog, Rusty will be traveling with us. He’s seen plenty on facebook as I post him.

  62. Just watched your Yellowstone/Tetons video on amazon prime. Great video! Picked up some great tips and spots to visit on our trip out there this month! Thanks!

  63. Hello I´m Jenny from Hanover / Germany. Sorry my English is not so good….I love your videos – thank you very much! I have watched many travel videos of the US and found you on YouTube. I wish your family many years of happy travelling.
    Thanks a lot for your lovely videos.
    Regards from the cold north of Germany

    1. Hello Mr. Robert how are you I enjoy your YouTube channel. Just curious what year is your Kia (SuV)

      1. Howdy,
        Do you have a link to where and how you mounted your GoPro on your travel trailer?
        I’d like to do the same. It’s a great spot. We certainly enjoy your videos. Thank you!

  64. Hi Robert,
    Greetings from Toronto. Love your videos. Curious if you’ve done a video on the Chevy Colorado yet? Also, have you ever done the North Shore of Lake Superior (Canadian Side)? If not, maybe you can try it if the border ever reopens. We did it this year in a Class C motorhome and highly recommend.

  65. Hola, Roberto,
    Just had to let you know that I revisited two of my favorite cities (London and Paris) with your 1916 travel video on Prime and thoroughly enjoyed it. We seem to have the same travel attitude.


  66. Hey Robert,
    My husband and I just came back from the Grand Tetons and southern Idaho, mostly hiking and biking and such. We LOVED the Balanced Rock Park in Idaho and have you to thank. Saw it on your American Road Trip and after visiting Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge we stopped there and it was a highlight! Thanks for the info. We enjoyed your journey!
    Anne and Jeff Lange

  67. Hello from North Fort Myers, Florida. I am a 5th grade teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran school and my class is watching the entire season of American roadtrip. It is such a great resource for showing kids our beautiful country! Most of my students are underprivileged and have never been out of Florida. Thank you for this amazing roadtrip!
    Ever visit a class of faithful “travel buddies”??? We would love to meet you!!! You would make their day!!!!!!!!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

    1. Hi Amanda. I would love to meet your class. I am currently in North Dakota, but when I return to Florida, preferable after Covid, we can have something arranged.

  68. Hi Robert,
    So glad we found your videos! Good replacement for our lack of travels. How do you make those maps with the motion arrows? So cool. Be safe.

  69. Hi Robert, your videos continue to entertain and educate during extended home time! Thank you. Question: how do you get your maps to have a moving red arrow? Thx again!

  70. Hello, Robert. I believe you have been in contact with my husband, Sam. But I wanted to say from my heart how much we enjoy your videos. Sam and I are still working, so one adventure a year is all we can do – and we are leaving next week for Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California (from Oregon). You have inspired us to go off the beaten track and see so much more than the Grand Canyon. Thank you for what you do. Mary

  71. Hi Robert,
    I have been binge watching your videos during the Pandemic. Love them! Try to visit VA/ DC/ MD area with more time. The Eastern Shore of Maryland too.
    Stay safe,

  72. Hey Robert! Love your videos! Loved them so much, we purchased our 1st camper today! A Keystone Springdale, 2021. It is a 220RD!! You should check them out as a replacement (if needing for the newer of the two you have)! We live near Lake Hartwell, Georgia & tons of State Parks nearby !
    Hope to … “see you, on the road”!!

  73. Hello Robert!
    I recently discovered your travel videos on Amazon prime – almost didn’t click on your American tour but glad I did! So relaxing watching your narrated trips – especially with so much drama and violence on offer elsewhere.
    I have to chide you for making my fair city of Houston look like a Stygian wasteland by focusing only on refinery complexes on the East side. The beautifully treed residential West side might be worth scoping from your drone next time.
    I guess I will have to make my TV hook up to YouTube to search for more if your creations. Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks!. Maybe I’ll visit the west side next time, although I must admit I find the oil refineries fascinating as well.

  74. Greetings from Central Florida Robert!

    I’m looking to get an RV for work travel later on, I’m an independent insurance adjuster and work has been very slow lately I’ll have to save up for something affordable when I can afford it. (I wish I had a job like yours!)

    I like the size of your RV, but the prices are out of my budget, would love to hear your thoughts. I have a Kia Forte, so I’ll probably need to upgrade to another vehicle to tow an RV (expenses, expenses).

    Any suggestions?

    Love your shows by the way, I just found them on Amazon Prime and I’m hooked!

  75. Hello Robert…my husband and I just discovered your videos and we are thrilled to watch them…
    We live in southern NH but have taken trip out west to So. Dakota and Wyoming back in 2013 and are hungry to do a repeat. I am still working (hubby is retired) but your videos have allowed us to “see” this great country…
    Thanks for your videos and comments…..PS you need to stock larger sizes of your sweatshirts please.
    Happy New Year

  76. Hello Robert! My husband and I are currently binge watching your videos, we’re really enjoying them!
    We recently bought a 33′ toy hauler that we can put our Goldwing trike into. Unfortunately Covid-19 has stalled our plans but watching your adventures gives us wonderful ideas.
    One question – what brand/make/model of GPS do you use?
    Thanks again for your wonderful videos!

  77. Hey Robert,
    Great show and love the times. Hope you make it to Alaska. Please visit the Hatchers Pass area, which you will love. And also come up to Talkeetna area as well. You will have a blast as you are a nature person. Now on your cooking, you have a lot of Cuban and other southern recipes you should share. I have been a chef for over 35 years and getting ready to retire. We are selling the sticks and bricks and hitting the road. Thinking about doing a blog on Foodie RV life and calling it the Chef and his wagon. Hope we can meet up soon and get some cooking done. Great job inspiring so many folks to get out and see this country. You have made travelers out of many. So get your Sofrito and black beans and rice and get a cooking Chef Robert. Hope to see you soon in our travels.

  78. Hi Robert!
    My wife and I started watching your videos this past fall. We have watch many, but still a long way to catch up. We are planning to get a smaller rv soon we hope. Although with Covid and the demand on rv’s, we might have to wait. But not to long, for we are now retired and getting older by the minute.
    What is your rating of your MiniTini and the Colorado. Gas and size?
    We thank you for well done videos and very entertaining.
    You do it so well, we might not need to get a rv. Lol

  79. Helo Robert, Me and my family been watching your videos for almost a year. They are better than Discovery or Travel channel videos. W ereally enjoy them. You said you will be coming to Los Angeles arae this summer, we hope to meet you and invite you to Armenian Restautant for so you can taste Armenian Cuisine. Los Angeles is home for close to Million Armenians and there are lots of Armenian Restaurants, Bakeries and pastries all over city.

  80. Hi Robert, My husband have been enjoying your videos. We live in the Shetland Islands. My husband is a native Shetlander l’m from the US (Philly/South Jersey) and given the pandemic we are limited to these islands in the North sea. So great to travel vicariously with you! Safe journeys.

  81. My husband got a foul for Christmas and now literally watches your videos every evening one after another. It’s almost like you have become a member of this household lol. We both especially love you videos of the west. I suddenly hear the “going to the west” song in my head. We love traveling west of the Mississippi with our 25ft Keystone travel trailer. Who knows maybe we will bump into you one of these days out on the road. We laugh over the fact that you seem to dislike the same things that we do. Please keep cranking out the travel videos. My husband won’t know what to do with himself every evening if you don’t lol. Take care out on the road Robert.

  82. My wife and I just discovered your videos. We just loved your California drive! Just awesome. Love your music and cooking. Great videos. We live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Have you ever visited? If not, please come!

  83. Hi Robert..,enjoy your videos. I’ll even just listen to them while working around the house. Just saw your Las test on Quartzsite. What camera are you using for filming. I heard Sony but didn’t catch the model. Keep enjoying your travels and keeping us entertained and educated.

  84. Hello Mr Robert, I started watching your videos on Prime about a month ago and I’ve really enjoyed them. I especially like it when you include your cooking and impromptu recipes! I have three young grandchildren and the youngest two have started watching with me, and my granddaughter sings your theme song! 🙂 My favorite trip that I’ve seen thus far was your trip to Finland, Norway and Sweden. What a great trip!

    A little about me and my husband: I am a mother of four and now a retired RN. My husband is a “frontline” physician, retired from the Army Reserve where he served in a combat support hospital attached to the 101st Airborne. My husband is not yet retired, and this last year has been very stressful and tiring on so many levels. Many evenings and nights I have been plagued with high anxiety, and your videos have filled an important niche … your voice and beautiful accent are so calming, friendly, and resonant, with such a lovely timbre! Just listening to you express your thoughts, describe your experiences, even voicing your gripes, is pleasant and relaxing. Now that I have watched so many of your videos, often while finishing my nightly chores, hearing your voice often sounds like a familiar friend in the room. I hope others can relate. Thank you for your efforts and for sharing a portion of your life and experiences! It is appreciated in more ways than you might ever imagine. Stay safe and healthy!
    Kindest Regards,
    Cathy in East TN, USA

  85. We absolutely love your videos. We are also from South Florida and love traveling out west, planning a trip to California in June. Curious though, in your videos, you mention ‘we’ but we only see you. Who do you travel with and why do we never see that person?

  86. Hey Robert – we’ve loved your videos, watched pretty much all of them by now! They’re just easy to watch, with no hype about anything, just down-to-earth talk about the places you go.

    Curious which model Colorado you have (which engine did you go with), because it seems to have no trouble with MiniTini II, even going up the mountains in the west.

  87. Hello Robert. I would like to say that your videos are a true gift for those of us that are unable to travel very often. That said my wife and I will be going out west to Yellowstone and Grand Teton late July. Also the BlackHills and the Badlands on the way back (ordered a copy of your music CD for the trip). We just rewatched your Yellowstone / Grand Teton video, its great. Also enjoy your summer travel series. Love the way you make us feel like we are along for the trip. We look forward to your future travels. Keep Safe.

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