Zoo Miami: What to expect from the very large zoo just south of Miami

Did you know Miami had a famous zoo? Well, it does. We visit Zoo Miami while we stay at Larry & Penny Thompson Park celebrating our first RVing anniversary.
We came the the Zoo Miami, formerly the Metro Zoo, with very low expectations. We had heard that the place was too large, that the animals were hiding away most of the time because of the South Florida heat, and while the place is far from perfect we were pleasantly surprised. That being said it is Miami after all. We don’t really ever expect great service or attention to detail. We came early enough that most of the animal were still out and about and we got lucky with the timing and caught a couple of the animal feedings, particularly the monkeys and the tiger. The place is too large, too spread out, which means miles will be walked under the scorching sun. Enjoy the video

We stayed at Larry & Penny Thompson Park.

We went to Zoo Miami

We ate at La Perla

Main Camera: Sony HDR-XR200

Camera for still and night video: Nikon D5100

Action Camera: GoPro Hero 3 White

Other Action Camera: HTC RE

Additional video camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (soon to be replaced)

Lavelier Microphone: Movo GM100

Digital Audio Recorder: Zoom H1

Large Diaphragm Studio Microphone: Audio Technica AT3525

Video edited on Final Cut Pro X

Graphics created in Motion 5

Additional audio and voice over recorded in Pro Tools 11

Original music composed in Logic Pro, performed by Robert Morales

Original soundtrack available here

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