Mammoth Cave National Park

I have been meaning to write a blog post for over two weeks now. A good portion of editing videos involves writing the script of what I am going to say. That type of writing, however, comes to me much easier than this one. Writing a blog post involves more precision somehow.
That being said, since the las blog post I have released another fabulous video about the largest cave system in the world, located at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mammoth Cave Thumb play
We took the two-hour long Domes and Dripstones tour, which took us through three different types of cave passageways. First we descended nearly 200 feet through a long system of stairs going down a sinkhole. This sinkhole was discovered while trying to find a new entrance to the cave, and the actual entrance was blasted using explosives. It is called the “new” entrance to the cave. As the passageway levels off we enter a large room called “Grand Central Station” because of its size and because many passageways emerge from it. The next part of the cave is very dry and no longer being  affected by erosion. The flat ceiling gives it almost an artificial look. This type of passageway has become stable over many years as layers of rock have collapsed against each other. The las part of the cave is the Drapery Room, which is more like your typical picture perfect cave with stalagmites, stalactites, and many delicate rock formations caused by water erosion over the course of thousands of years. The most dramatic feature is a rock formation called the “Frozen Niagara”.
After our visit to Mammoth Cave National Park we had to go through decontamination because of some fungal spores that are spreading and are causing bats to die from something called the “white nose syndrome”.
After our fabulous cave visit we continue north-east towards the Bourbon Trail,, going through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen in our great country.
On the next video, coming soon I will take you Bourbon tasting with us to the Maker’s Mark distillery on Loretto, Kentucky.

As many of you know, I have been, little by little making some improvements to Minitini the trailer. The two main upgrades I have made recently have been a Fantastic Vent and a solar panel system. I don’t know how I survived without them.
Fantastic Vent Play
The Fantastic vent installation was the first o the two. It is basically an extractor that sucks warm air our while letting fresh air come in through the windows. It works great as long as there is actually fresh air coming in. In my experience when it is 95° Fahrenheit outside there is little you can do to get cooler. However in the cool spring nights it worked great. We even had to use our bedsheets one night. The unit I purchased has a couple of extra features such as a remote control and rain sensor.
Solar Panel Play
The other great addition has been the solar panel kit from Renology I bought and installed. Before I got it, I always had anxiety about my house battery being depleted. One time I even had to connect the car and turn it on to recharge. I don’t really want to deal with the weight and noise of a generator so this is a great solution. Not only does it fully charge my 80 amp-hour battery on a couple of hours during a sunny day, I also never have to disconnect the battery when I am going to stay put at home for a couple of weeks.

Lately, I have received requests from a bunch of companies to review their products on my YouTube channel, so you will see a couple of promotional videos in the future, some of them will even give me a commission if you buy with the provided link
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Please let me know what you think about these promotions. It would be great not having advertising on the channel, but travel can be expensive and every bit helps.
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Until the next time! See you on the road!

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Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

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