10 thoughts on “Free in my RV sticker shadow”

  1. Hi Robert, my husband and I really enjoy your show, the early ones where you narrated them, as well as the ones today that you video and speak. We would like to put one of your stickers on our camper please.
    Can you advise when you will be “live” next?

  2. Robert. You in a way are my lifesaver. Suffering from depression your videos have raised my spirits greatly. Our country is so beautiful. I think the wife and I are going to buy a 1708. Thank you my friend. I hope our paths will cross some day. Bless you. Tom

  3. Hi Robert my wife and I watch all of your videos when we are stuck in the snow in Wasaga beach , Ontario Canada.We will be heading to Miami soon and hope to meet up with you for a cold one.please send me on of your stickers so I can place it on our StarCraft ,thank you.

  4. We love your show. we just found it a few weeks ago. We would like one of your stickers to put on our trailer. our address is 520 NE Villa Ave, College Place, Wash 99324. Right next to Walla Walla, Wash. We watch the show when you were in Walla Walla, Wash. visiting friends.

  5. We love your show,my husband is always singing your songs an going,fly pelican lol,yup were here really close to us in Ocala,next time your here again let us know an we will make you a good pork w/beans an rice

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