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Please do subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I upload a new video, podcast episode, or blog post. Join our large community! Thank you and see you on the road!

18 thoughts on “Interactive Map”

  1. Hi, Robert from Steve in (Hood Canel(Brinnon)) Washington state.
    I too have a new truck Inferno red 2010 Dodge 1500 TRX model.
    I’ll send you pics as soon as my subscription validates.
    Hope to meet up with you in the future camping,
    All the best wishes from Steve and DingDing (my cat).

  2. Hi Robert,
    We love watching your videos and I always give you a solid ‘Thumbs up’. We are going to be at Bluewater Key RV Resort on April 29-May 2 and would love to meet you and your wife. Would you be able to meet somewhere for lunch? or meet us at our RV? I know you are a busy guy so if you cannot it is totally understandable. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing your future videos!!

    1. Hey Dennis, let’s see if we can make that happen. I live a little far away from Bluewater, but we’ll see. I don’t have any plans for those dates yet.

    2. Hey Robert,

      Hoping you’ll make another trip to Seattle! We just missed you when you were here, saw your video where you drove through Alki Beach. Beautiful area! Safe travels!

  3. Robert,

    Wife and I are retiring end of December and starting out full time Rving in January 2020. Our first stop will be Tampa around January 13. We will be leaving Indiana cold. Hope to see you on the road sometime. Wife loves your music and we both love your videos. Many hours watching on weekends. Keep it up really love how you produce everything.

    Jim and Delphine Teague

  4. Hi robert, wanted to get your option on the cell phone signal booster you have listed on your influencer page, does it actually give you stronger signal? like if you turn the booster itself off vs it being turned on can you tell a difference

  5. Hi Robert,
    We started watching your YouTube videos awhile back and thoroughly enjoy them!
    Do you have any plans for the end of April? We are in SW Florida and would love to buy you a beer! Please let us know if you’re headed this way!

    1. May 1 is when I plan to start heading north so I may very well still be in south Florida by the end of April. Hope our paths cross.

  6. Hi Robert
    My wife and me watch you YouTube videos all the time and love them, we live in southwest France but visit the states once a year and always tour around many Florida and the west cost including Vegas area, but we rent a car and stop in hotels, manly because of the RV rental company’s not being very easy (some don’t supply bedding etc.) and also the high cost of rental, so do you know good RV rentals in Florida

  7. Hi Robert,

    We left of at your video 21 Lake Tahoe summer 2019. Where are the rest of the videos of your 4 month tour around the country ?We didn’t see them on utube! Please let us know.
    Love the videos. Plan on retiring in a few years and want to do some traveling. You’ve given us some great ideas! Thanks.

  8. Hi Robert we going be in Daytona fl week of july 4. If all goes well. We also going be camping out labor day weekend jekel island ga. We love for you stop by, join us for supper if you can. my two autism children love your travel. I just started watching them. My husband enjoys them to. thank you

  9. Hello from Quartzsite – My wife and I have a weird tradition of hanging out at the Quartzsite BLM camping area every Thanksgiving, on the way back to California from wherever we have been for a few weeks.

    I left you an email – if you are ever in need of a moochdock with full hookups and Mexican cooking in Northern California – send us a note.

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