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Driving Through Indiana

In this week’s video we drive through the great state of Indiana.

Indiana Thumb Play

In the morning, we leave our campsite at the Louisville Metro KOA and begin driving north. The idea is to reach Elkhart, the RV Capital of the World by sundown.

As part of our journey we go through the Indiana capital, the great city of Indianapolis. Although we don’t get to explore much, we do drive through downtown, see the Capitol building, which in Indiana is called the Statehouse, and the also famous Soldiers and Sailors Monument which is an obelisk in a very centric traffic circle, which honors the veterans of the Civil War. As we leave the city we also see the Scottish ┬áRight Cathedral, one of the largest masonic buildings in the world. Did I mention it belongs to the Freemasons?

As we continue north we also drive through Kokomo. Remember the Beach Boy’s song? “In the Florida Keys there’s a place called Kokomo”. Well it turns out the real Kokomo is here in Central Indiana, and it doesn’t display any of the tropical innuendo depicted in the 1980’s hit song. There are a bunch of automotive plants, which is surprising because I was under the impression we didn’t manufacture anything anymore.

We continue and eventually reach Elkhart. The reason we are here, besides it being a pretty town, is because on the next day we pan to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame. It is an RV museum, and in their collection the have some of the first houses on wheels, going back to the beginnings of the automobile invention.

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