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The West 2019 Part 5: RTR 2019, Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite, Arizona

This video, of course, takes place in its entirety in Quartzsite, most of it at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, or RTR.

Video Thumbnail

This video is going to be slightly different. I’m not going to show you a different place every single day, or hour, or minute, for that matter. It is a true chronological account of my almost six days at the RTR. I did do different things every single day, but some of it is repetitive, as life often is.

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

The RTR was overall a positive experience. I am just not the kind of traveler to stay put in the same place for days on end. I am restless and every two to three days I get the itch to hitch and move somewhere else. So if I got “bored” by my fourth day at the RTR, it was really me, not you. The rain didn’t help either, since on that day I had plans to leave already, and hangout with the Xcapers in Lake Havasu City.

Will I do the RTR, or Quartzsite at all again in the future? Perhaps. Not next year though. For winter 2020 I have other plans. Until next week, I hope you enjoy the video. See you on the road! 


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The West 2019 Part 4: The Long Road to Arizona

Driving to the West

This is one of those where the journey is better than the destination. For this leg of the trip I drove nearly non stop from Fairview Riverside State Park in Louisiana to Gila Bend, Arizona. I tried to make at least one of my overnights, and one of my fuel break as much of a destination as possible. I reality the real destination will be on next weeks video in which I revisit Quartzsite, and attend the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

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One of the quasi-destinations of this trip was Buc-ee’s. This gas station / convenience store chain epitomizes the “everything is bigger in Texas” stereotype. Besides more fuel pumps than I could count, there is a large market with souvenirs, prepared food, groceries, all in large quantities and great variety.

Schreiner Park

The other highlight that comes to mind was Schreiner Park in Junction, Texas. It is a very pleasant and quiet park next to a river. The best part is that you can dry camp for free for up to three nights. They do have a playground and bathrooms.

Schreiner Park. Junction, Texas

Of course the main attraction of this particular segment of the trip was the landscape.  The ever-changing scenery as you depart from the swampy flatland of southern Louisiana and traverse the Texas plains. Still in Texas we go from Hill Country to the Chihuahuan Desert. Even the desert undergoes transformations as we continue west. The soaptree yucca of Texas and New Mexico, gives way to the Saguaro and Cholla cacti of Arizona.

Quartzsite, Arizona

Here’s a map illustrating the route I took. On the next one we’ll spend some time in Quartzsite and Phoenix, before continuing to Lake Havasu and beyond.

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The Grand Canyon: A Perfect Overnight Winter Road Trip

In February of 2013 we did a road trip to the Grand Canyon, as part of a Valentines Day Vegas getaway. The following video illustrates our visit to this National Park and natural wonder of the world.

We stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge 
We ate at The Arizona Room 
We visited the Desert View Watchtower 

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