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While we get our next series of posts ready, I though I’d share with you this playlist featuring videos of our 2010 Alaska adventure.  We enjoyed the Midnight Sun Festival in Fairbanks, which celebrated the summer solstice.  We also explored a little bit of Denali National Park, including a rare sighting of Mount McKinley, North America’s highest peak.  Finally we drive on the world’s northernmost highway, the Dalton.  After dipping our toes in the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean, we return to Fairbanks to spend some quality time with relatives.  Enjoy.

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Traveling Robert – Episode 28 – Alaska 7

What goes up must usually go down.  In our case, what goes north must go south.  In this episode of my former podcast Traveling Robert, we return from the Arctic back to Fairbanks, in central Alaska, a 500 mile trip.  On the first leg we drive through the tundra, and then cross the Brookes mountain range to spend the “night” in the arctic village of Wiseman.  Well, it never gets dark this time of the year so the term night doesn’t really apply.  On the second leg we go through the boreal forest and across the mighty Yukon river, all this on America’s most isolated road, the mostly unpaved James Dalton Highway.  Filmed in late June 2010.  Enjoy!