Homestead, Florida

After a long three month long hiatus we are on the road again. This time we are not traveling very far, just south, to the sHomestead Thumbsouthernmost part of the South Florida metropolitan area which is comprised of the the cities of Homestead and Florida City. Florida City in particular, is considered the gateway to the Florida keys because if its proximity to the island chain.

We spent a weekend visiting the main landmarks and tourist attractions, historic downtown, the Alligator Farm, Robert is Here, Knaus Berry Farm (well not really), Schnebly Winery, Miami Brewing Company, Alabama Jack’s (we sort of), Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo, and the most famous local tourist attraction, The Coral Castle.

After we arrive at the Southern Comfort RV Resort, we decide to visit the Schnebly Winery and its neighbor the Miami Brewing Company. The winery turns out to be a little of a disappointment but the brewery is great. I particularly enjoyed their Torpedo IPA, and the house made sausage sandwich. Then we decide to check out the Cauley Square historic village, which is a picturesque area with restaurants, gardens and quaint shops. Unfortunately we arrive to late and everything was closing down for the day.

In the morning we went to the Alligator Farm which is definitely worth a visit. They have Alligator and Snake shows and many exotic animals on display, but the highlight of the visit is definitely the air boat ride. The we go to Robert Is Hear, a legendary fruit stand for so refreshing tropical fruit smoothies.

A visit to homestead would not be complete without a visit to the Coral Castle, built by Latvian immigrant Ed Leedskalnin as the Rock Gate Park, it was dedicated to his fiancée who left him the day before their wedding. The construction of the place is not without conspiracy theories. It seemed unlikely that five-foot-tall Ed could be able to haul all this heavy coral rock to this location all by himself and then transform them into the mesmerizing rock formations that comprise the castle.

In the evening we head down to Key Largo for dinner at the Gilbert’s Resort with some friends.

All this is available in much more detail in the video below.