Episode 4 – Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Show Notes/script

First, we explore the nearby small city Carmel by the Sea, mainly the sea part.  We arrive to the beach.

Later we visit Mission Ranch, owned by Clint Eastwood.  That’s is the place where we really wanted to eat the night before, instead of the tourist trap, but we called ahead an found out we couldn’t make it on time as it closes rather early.  Later we found out that Dirty Harry himself had been entertaining the night before.  What a fail… but moving on.

Let’s visit world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Its main exhibition is the Jellies, featuring all kinds of exotic Jellyfish.  Let’s admire these fascinating creatures.

Of course there are many other attractions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium like these giant fish tanks displaying sea life in action.  There’s avian action too.  Fishing birds.  Another great exhibit are the sea horses, or hippocampus.  Such an exotic species.  Some of them can even disguise themselves and plants.  Fascinating!  In the main lobby there are life size representations of sea creatures.  Another highlight of the aquarium is the penguins, very funny little guys. Of course not all penguins know how to behave themselves in public.  And with that we say goodbye to Monterey and it’s fabulous aquarium.

Back on the road we continue due north.

We make one last pit stop at Half Moon Bay for a late lunch.  Famous lobster roll at Sam’s Chowder House.

And that’s all for this episode.  We are headed towards San Francisco, but that city deserves it’s own special show.  Until then, see you on the road.